Jun 16 2012

Update: Under the Darkened Moon (Novel)

Posted by Mathias

Just finished up what I consider to by my first polishing edit for Under the Darkened Moon, my first actually completed novel.  Things went well.

To say that I am 100% pleased with it would be saying too much.  I’m 98% pleased though and I think that is pretty good for someone that is as big a perfectionist as I am.

As one of my friends told me, no novel is ever 100% perfect so don’t fret the last few percents.

Next up is going to be a live read edit.  My wife is going to actually read aloud the words so I can hear them from someone else’s mouth rather than my own.  This will hopefully help catch any final awkward sentences, missed commas, etc that my brain is simply auto correcting for when I read aloud because I know what is supposed to be there even if it is not there.

Hopefully, this edit will commence in the next few weeks.  If we do one chapter a day it will take slightly more than a month to complete.

It was July 18th of last year that I embarked on the ambitious project to write a novel.  Looks like it will be a little more than a year from then that it will be ready to be submitted, and likely rejected many times, to publishers and literary agents.  Keeping my fingers crossed that it isn’t too painful.  My review groups have all given it high praise, sometimes too high of praise if you ask me, but high praise none-the-less.  I guess it is almost time to find out whether or not people with the power to get books published feel the same way.

Aug 18 2011

Finding Things To Do Even If I Am Not Actually Writing

Posted by Mathias

The past couple days I have been taking a break from working on the actual texts of any of my current story projects. This break has mostly been driven by a lack of inspiration on how to progress on each of these projects. Although “The War Within” is ready for some polishing, I do not want to jump right into it. I want to get some separation from that story before I get into the minutia of editing.

Rather than write for the sake of writing, something that tends to frustrate me, I have stepped back and been catching my breath. However, to stop from getting stale and out of routine I have committed myself to coming up with story prompts for potential future stories. The past three days I have come up with at least four prompts each day and looking at them I was actually well pleased with each of them. The list is quite long and should provide fertile ideas for the next year.

This morning before work I also sketched out the final couple chapters of “Dark Moon” in a bullet point format. That initial sketch to wrap up the story looks good as well. Now it just needs to be translated into the story.

It is good to keep busy as a writer. I don’t like not working at least an hour each day on at least one of my projects. Losing momentum seems like a real possibility any day that goes by where I don’t do something writing-wise.

I started years ago trying to write a novel and worked at it well for several months but then slowly and surely I started to focus on other pursuits and abandoned that project about halfway through it. Maybe if I can find that old novel I should dust it off as well.

I just don’t want to get too many projects on my plate at once.