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I Do Keep A “Liars List”

October 5, 2012 Leave a comment

One thing I started keeping a few years ago was what I deemed as the “Liars List”. This list is composed of people who leave blatantly false reviews for books on sites like and Goodreads.

Mostly the “Liars List” contains people who rate incredibly awful books as “great”, “awesome”, or some other unwarranted praise. A few are those who trash books that are actually good. But the majority of them are people who, for whatever reason, give bad books unwarranted praise. Presumably this praise is to try and get people to believe the book actually has some redeeming qualities. Read more…

The Writing Contest Crap Shoot

July 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Writing contests are crap shoots. Just because you don’t win doesn’t mean your work sucks. First of all, the more entries there are, the stiffer your competition is. Your story can still be great but lose because others stories were simply greater.

There is also the problem of the specific tastes of the judges themselves. I don’t care how unbiased they try to be, they still have their preferences to what they do and do not like.  And if you’re not what they like?  Well, the odds are stacked against you even further. Read more…

Contradictory Advice

March 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I have been going through some of the feedback I have been getting on my novel project Under the Darkened Moon. It is funny how so much of what some say about it contradicts what others had to offer up.

One reviewer of the last draft, a published author, said there was not enough action and that the story would not peak a publisher’s interest due to this. Yet another reviewer, also a published author, disagreed and told me that there was precisely nothing wrong with the amount of high action in the story.

One reviewer griped that names, particularly Elven names, were too hard to pronounce. Another reviewer loved the way that I made the Elven naming system work and commented at length about that.

Basically, however, anyone who thought something was wrong insisted that what they saw as being wrong would be a hinderance to the book getting published. However everything that someone thought was wrong and bad with the story was liked by someone else.

I have essentially come to the conclusion that I am not going to fret over this sort of stuff. I am going to focus more on tidying up the story and fixing serious problems that still remain, like the few chapters that it seemed everyone, or nearly everyone, insisted were in need of more work in general. I simply cannot please everyone and the fact that something that one person found bad, another found ok or even “wondrous” will only result in me chasing my tail if I were to try and tweak said things.

Tastes vary.