Nov 26 2012

Where’s All The Time Going?

Posted by Mathias

It’s a sad reality, but the amount of time available for writing is inversely proportional to the amount of time actually needed for writing. This is especially true with the Christmas Season now upon us.

I had four days off for Thanksgiving and spent all four running around with family (3 days) and then doing all the errands that running around forced me to reschedule (1 day).  In the end, I managed to do about as much editing in those four days as one typical day.

Nov 19 2012

The Editing … It Continues

Posted by Mathias

Yes, editing on Under the Darkened Moon is continuing.  Although it is going slowly.  Seems that I have been out of my routine lately.  Usually I spend an hour in the evening running a chapter or so through the Text to Speech software to see how they sound.  But lately that simply has not been happening.  I have been prepping chapters, but they are not getting their final manuscript treatment at the speed with which they are prepared.

Plus I am doing a final comb through of the manuscript in several sweeps looking for unnecessary instances of the following words: (more…)

Oct 20 2012

Finally There – Under the Darkened Moon Manuscript Phase

Posted by Mathias

With FINAL edits done, I am now on to the manuscript compilation phase for Under the Darkened Moon.  Ok, so “FINAL” edit is probably a misnomer because compiling the manuscript does entail some minor editing.  I’m still looking for errors, but mostly it will consist mostly of formatting.

However, I do read each chapter one, final time.  In the process, I am looking for: (more…)

Jul 25 2012

Funniest Yo Mama Jokes

Posted by Mathias
  • Yo mama’s so fat, she has smaller fat women orbiting around her.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, it takes two semi trucks for her to haul ass.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, her ass got home an hour after the rest of her did.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, I got lost running around her.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, when she wears red everyone yells, “HEY KOOL-AID!”
  • Yo mama’s so fat, that her alphabet only has three letters – KFC!
  • Yo mama’s so fat, her blood type is Ragu. (more…)