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Jumping In – Second Chances Completed For Submission

June 29, 2012 7 comments

Ok, I’ve been rushing to complete my short story Second Chances for submission into a fantasy short story contest to see how things go.  Deadline is fast appraoching, like tomorrow fast, and I have been doing some polishing.

The story follows Kath’ri-sa, an elf, and the deuteragonist of my novel Under the Darkened Moon.  I just like saying the word deuteragonist.  Its sounds so quirky.

Final stats on the short story are 5,941 words, Flesch Reading Ease of 84.3, and Flesch-Kincade Grade Level of 4.1. Read more…

Evolution Of A Fantasy Name

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

When I write, I don’t like to get hung up on petty things.  Like names, for example.

Names are everywhere in a fantasy story and names are, ultimately an important part of the story.  Unless you are writing some sort of comedic fantasy, it is hard to take a take a sorcerer named Tim seriously.  This is why just such a name for just such a character is used in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But while names are indeed important, they are not something that cannot change. And they are one of the easiest things to change in a story.  We’re not talking about some underlying piece of fundamental physics governing the fantasy world in question where deciding to change it half way through a 400 page novel would require massive amounts of rewriting.  We are talking about a name.

In one of my projects which are in development, I had a particular city that when I first named it as Reisen just never felt right.  Every time I said it, it grated on my mind.  Reisen?  I hated it. But it was a minor part of the story. In fact, it was only mentioned once in the whole story!  But because I had drawn the map of my fantasy world and Reisen was on that map, every time I looked at the map for something else I saw that damned named staring back at me.           Read more…