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The Writing Contest Crap Shoot

July 29, 2012 Leave a comment

Writing contests are crap shoots. Just because you don’t win doesn’t mean your work sucks. First of all, the more entries there are, the stiffer your competition is. Your story can still be great but lose because others stories were simply greater.

There is also the problem of the specific tastes of the judges themselves. I don’t care how unbiased they try to be, they still have their preferences to what they do and do not like.  And if you’re not what they like?  Well, the odds are stacked against you even further. Read more…

Good Characters …

June 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Good characters are like cats, stubborn and with  minds of their own.  You can try to poke them and prod them the way you want them to go, but they always go where they want to go whenever they want to go there.  You cannot make them be someone they are not.  They have a life of their own even though they exist only on paper.  And sometimes that is the frustrating thing for a writer to deal with.  We want to control our characters, but when we create one that is real enough to work for a story they just don’t do as they are told.

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