Jun 13 2012

Still More New Twitter Followers

Posted by Mathias

Welcome to the following who now follow me on Twitter:

Science Fiction author.  Read Convergent Space on  Amazonhttp://t.co/Dr6mOPT6 (US)http://t.co/5aZiSYtM (UK)


Erotic romance author w/ Etopia Press and Books to Go Now.  Bdsm and DD stories.  Runs on coffee and chocolate.http://suelyndon.blogspot.com/

http://www.facebook.com/annemcarpenter  Women’s lit and contemporary #author, sprinkled with mystery, suspense and romance.

Writer of mystery/thriller books and gritty short stories with endings that will blow your mind!

I write ethereal stories about badass chicks kicking butt. There might be an occasional kiss involved. In love with zombies, gummy worms and catching frogs.

Author of Lilith, Bk 1 in the Twin Soul series. Follow the life of a woman with a demon soul. Novels laced with lust,darkness & pain.

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