– The Unmaker’s Saga (novel)

Current Working Title: The Arrow


The Unmaker’s minions are collecting children of the conquered land to turn into warriors for his army to fight the Eastlanders. Those that surrendered long ago are the fertile fields where he finds his new recruits. Possessing weapons and machines driven by forces and technology not well understood by the peasants, The Unmaker reaps those he needs at will and takes them. After being taken, Jarin finds himself on the run, fighting a gorilla war against The Unmaker’s forces. Fueled by a vow to avenge the death of his mother and father, he fights to see a day when no more must be taken.

Concept: Sort of like the Matrix meets Iron Man but with steam/cyber punk tech.

Genre: high fantasy sci-fi

Format: novel

Type: sci-fi / cyber punk

World Type: other worlds

Status: First draft started, free writing

File open date: May 17th, 2012 (Original story plotted July 2008 – May 2009)

Word Count: 8,277

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