Mar 06 2012

– Her Lovely Blood (novel)

Posted by Mathias

Current Working Title: Her Lovely Blood


When gods quarrel sometimes innocents get trampled under foot. As Raey the Huntsman’s feud with Nakari, the goddess of love and beauty, spills over into the mortal realm it ensnares one awkward little girl who cannot fathom the depths of the hatred now enveloping her in its tentacles. But if she does not learn about it and escape from it she will not be long for the world.

Genre: high fantasy

Format: novel

Part of series?: Yes, first book of Her Blood Trilogy.

Type: swords & sorcery

World Type: other worlds

Status: First draft started, free writing

File open date: March 6th, 2012

Word Count: 33,472 (target is 70k – 90k for book one of the proposed Her Blood Trilogy)

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