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Are you a literary agent or publisher looking for new clients and authors who write fantasy and sci-fi? Well, I do write both (with a focus on fantasy). And, as luck would have it, I am always looking for a literary agent to represent my work and/or a publisher to publish it.

I am not actively querying agents and publishers at this time, but I do send out letters every so often. I have a list. You may be on the list.  You may not.  The list is long, but I am sure it is far from complete.

If you would like to receive either a sample or a completed manuscript (if available), or you would just would like a synopsis of my current works in progress to see if they might be a match for your needs, you can email me at [email protected] with an applicable subject line. For example: “Request for manuscript” or “Request for sample”. Please include relevant information about yourself in the request including your agency name and recent information on sales in the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

I have compiled information on all my current projects which are available in part or as a completed work in a author’s packet.

Wattpad Stories:

Daughters of Fate (Book 1) COMPLETED/EDITING (YA/NA/Adult high/epic fantasy novel -approximately 65k words)

Daughters of Fate (Book 2) IN PROGRESS (YA/NA/Adult high/epic fantasy – novel targeting 90k words when finished)

Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood (Vol 1) (Adult high/epic fantasy adventure – episodic novel Episode 1 completed 21k words Episodes 2, 3, and 4 being drafted)

Full/Partial Manuscripts available:
Knight of the Order (Book I) Under the Darkened Moon (YA/NA/Adult high/epic fantasy – novel approx 80k words)
Knight of the Order (Book II) Knightfall (YA/NA/Adult high/epic fantasy – novel approx 70k words)

Synopsis available for the following WIPs (works in progress):
Her Lovely Blood (YA/Adult high fantasy – novel) (sample draft chapters also available)
Awakening: Book 1 of The Unmaker’s Saga (YA/Adult sci-fi/cyberpunk – novel)
Cry of the Golden Wyvern (Adult high fantasy – novel) (sample draft chapters also available)
The Half-Orc Princess (Adult high fantasy – novel) (sample draft chapters also available)

Conceptual discussions available for:
The Stone-Flesh Curse (high fantasy – novel) (sample draft of chapter 1 also available)
Dragon’s Tale (high fantasy – novel) (sample draft of chapters 1 & 2 also available)
Outsider (high fantasy – novel) (sample draft of chapters 1-5 also available)
The Nine (high fantasy -novel) (sample draft of chapters 1-4 also available)

Thank you for your interest in my work.

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