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Are you a writer, or anyone involved in publishing for that matter (including publishers, editors, literary agents, etc.)?  Want to get some free promo for your books or services?  Well, you’re in luck, because I do accept guest post submissions.  With any article accepted, you can have a link to your website and/or books, along with your bio.

What can you write about?  Well, basically anything you want as long as it relates to the the world of books!  For example:

  • Things you wished you had known before setting out to become a writer
  • Things you learned once you started writing
  • Your experiences in publishing (both self or traditional)
  • Marketing advice for other authors
  • Book reviews (only caveat is that it must be a book you’ve actually read)
  • Editing advice for authors
  • etc …

Basically, it’s mostly open to you.  The one, big restriction is that the article be original.  Look, I’m giving you valuable space to promote yourself, the least you can do is spend some time to write something unique.  However, PLEASE contact me first with your proposal!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!  Have I made it clear to PLEASE contact me first?  This way we can make sure that both you and I are on the same page and that you are not going to put time into writing something that won’t be accepted.

Please do realize, I reserve the right to decline any submission by those seeking to promote certain genres or themes including, but not limited to:

  • Erotica/Sex*
  • Politics
  • Multilevel Marketing/Ponzi Scheme Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Gambling
  • Racism
  • Drug use

ROMANCE IS FINE as long as sex, and the characters having it, is not the overriding theme.  No Mommy Porn.

Why these restrictions?  Simple.  This site is family friendly, as much as possible, that’s why.  Others are on the list simply because don’t want to promote those things.  I am sorry if you are on the exclusion list, but please respect my right to establish these limits.

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