Daughters of Fate Book 1

Daughters of Fate Book 1
One soul. Two Lives. One destiny.

One will run from it. One will embrace it. And the fate of the world will depend on which will claim it.

An original fantasy adventure begins in Daughters of Fate Book 1! The Fates have placed twin sisters Sheala and Cassandra on a collision course. The Fate of Chaos seeks balance in the universe, while the Fate of Law desires to keep unspeakable evil from being visited upon it.

It has been hundreds of years since Lord Hedric, the last of the Blood Lords, rose to conquer the nation of Hitithe and claim the Tear of Earoni for his own. But the all-powerful artifact was hidden away from him and his plans thwarted. Now he has vow that he will have it, even if it costs him his last, undying breath.

All that stands between the survival and the destruction of the world are the daughters of Stormband, now on opposite sides of a war raging across the land. Regardless of their own desires, both will eventually have to face their destiny, and ultimately each other.

The award winning Daughters of Fate Book 1 is available for FREE on Wattpad!

2019 Cleaved Awards 1st Place (Fantasy)
June 2019 Blue Rose Awards 3rd Place (Rookie) for new authors.