Aug 31 2012

If It Weren’t For Necrophiliacs …

Posted by Mathias

Seriously, think about this.

If it weren’t for necrophiliac princes roaming the countryside, Snow White would still be laying on that slab in the forest. (more…)

Aug 30 2012

Current Reading Pile

Posted by Mathias

I’m probably going to be wrapping up Heir of Novron, Michael J. Sullivan’s final book of the Riyria Revelations series on Friday at my current pace.

After that, my pile of things to read looks like this: (more…)

Aug 29 2012

Myth Busted: Passive Voice Is Not Significantly Harder To Read/Comprehend

Posted by Mathias

Are passive voice sentences really harder to read?  I hear this a lot as a reason to not use, or to at least use sparingly, the passive voice in writing.  So I decided to do a little test.  I took a series of sentences and wrote them in both the passive and active voice.  I then checked their readability statistics using Microsoft Word’s native tool for this.

Example 1: 

Active: “I mailed the letter.”

Flesch Reading Ease: 97

Flesch-Kincade Grade Level: 0.7 (more…)

Aug 28 2012

Today’s Word of the Day – Hoary

Posted by Mathias

hoary (adjective) \ˈhȯr-ē\

1 : gray or white with or as if with age
2 : extremely old : ancient <hoary legends>
Aug 27 2012

Movie Review: The Hunger Games

Posted by Mathias

They say that you should not dwell too much on the negative when writing reviews because it makes you sound mean. The problem for The Hunger Games (the movie adaptation) is that there was so little positive to discuss.

Yes, I finally got around to watching The Hunger Games this past weekend. I was mildly excited to see it having very much liked the first book of the trilogy. The second and third books are another story. Now, having watched the film, I am disappointed.

So, let’s get the few positives out of the way so that people can’t say that I didn’t say anything nice. First of all, I think Jennifer Lawrence pulls off the role of Katniss Everdeen brilliantly. The fact that she was often forced to act out poorly contrived scenes is a side issue. Had it not been for her acting, things would have gone badly for the entirety of this movie. (more…)

Aug 26 2012

Best Fantasy/Fiction/Sci-Fi Books I Ever Read (11 Through 20)

Posted by Mathias

This list is the expansion of my Top 10 list which can be viewed here.

11. Lord of the Flies by: William Golding

(4.75/5) (more…)

Aug 23 2012

What’s Your Profile Pic Say About You?

Posted by Mathias

What’s Your Profile Pic Say About You?

Ok, please note, I make no claim as to the accuracy of this list. I just decided to shoot my mouth off today. But, as a disclaimer, I did get an A+ in self-paced Psych in college and finished the course in three and a half weeks. So MAYBE I do know something … maybe

1. The boob shot – Women who post shot of themselves in low-slung necklines with a prominence given to their breasts make me think, “Well, we know what she wants us to focus on, and it ain’t her brains.”
2. A stack of books – Well, obviously I’m a writer, duh! Now, BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK! BUY MY BOOK! DAMN YOU! BUY MY BOOK!
3. The black and white mug shot – “Hi! I still haven’t discovered color photography yet!” (more…)

Aug 22 2012

Kind of Depressed Over This

Posted by Mathias

I just realized my Tickler List is over 90 entries long, all sci-fi and fantasy. Each one of those entries is a story I want to tell. Some are short stories. Others are single novels. Others still are series.


Aug 20 2012

Today’s BONUS word of the day – jolie laide

Posted by Mathias

Ok, I know I already gave a word of the day, but here’s a bonus one!  Jolie laide!

foreign term \zhȯ-lē-led\ (more…)

Aug 20 2012

Today’s word of the day – hispid

Posted by Mathias

In keeping within finding odd, underused words, today, I present you with the word hispid.

adj \ˈhis-pəd\ (more…)