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Ululate – Tuesday’s $10 Word!

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intransitive verb

Yeah … Suzanne Collins Should Have Thought About That …

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So, who want to go to The Hunger Games styled theme park?  Anyone?  No?  Aw, come on!  What do you mean you don’t want to be chased around and hunted down in a replica of the arena?  What do you mean you don’t want to dodge arrows, knives, tridents, etc in a fight for your life?

Yeah, not very likely that such a thing would be a big hit.  Damn, a whole potential revenue stream down the drain.  Oh well, good thing for Collins that she made a boatload of cash off the books and the movies.

But still …  nah!

Inure – Monday’s $10 Word!

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transitive verb
: to accustom to accept something undesirable <children inured to violence>
intransitive verb
: to become of advantage <policies that inure to the benefit of employees>

The Writing Contest Crap Shoot

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Writing contests are crap shoots. Just because you don’t win doesn’t mean your work sucks. First of all, the more entries there are, the stiffer your competition is. Your story can still be great but lose because others stories were simply greater.

There is also the problem of the specific tastes of the judges themselves. I don’t care how unbiased they try to be, they still have their preferences to what they do and do not like.  And if you’re not what they like?  Well, the odds are stacked against you even further. Read more…

Bourn – The $10 Word For Today

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Book Review: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

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Warning! Contains spoilers!

Mockingjay is the final installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy. For one last go, we revisit post-apocalyptic Panem where Katniss Everdeen and the rebels are fighting against the tyrannical government. The book has moments of promise, usually when Katniss gets away from her brooding, who does she really love internal monologues. But it also makes me, as a fan of the first book of the trilogy, find it as a less than fulfilling end to the saga.

Look, we all know Katniss loves Peeta by now. Gale is just a distraction for her. But still, this little love triangle consumes so much of the book that it takes away from the final story of the saga. In the end, when Gale essentially gives up on Katniss and never returns to be with her, and Katniss realizes she loves Peeta, the whole thing is so anti-climatic that you wish the author had thrown a curve. But, you also know that if that curve had been thrown you would be just as disappointed had she wound up in Gale’s arms because it was just so wrong on every level. Read more…

Greatest Fear As A Writer

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I was asked yesterday what my greatest fear is as a writer.  The person asking assumed that it was that I would never get published.

Nope.  My greatest fear as a writer is that I will be published but that I will be a one trick pony for my career.  I don’t want to be one of those authors who makes my bones on one book/series and never anything else.  I see the landscape littered with those types of authors and I don’t want to be one of them.  I have too many stories to tell and it would crush me if I never got the chance because people demand simply more of what I have already done.

Three Most Common Reasons For Manuscript Rejection

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So, I have been picking the brains of friends of mine who are authors or are/were in the publication field (literary agents, editors, etc). I have been doing this because I see a lot of people compiling lists about why manuscripts get rejected. I read these lists because I want to give myself the best shot I can at getting published.

But what I seem to be finding is that a lot of those lists are really bunk, or at least these lists are subjective and often contradict one another. Don’t start your story too fast. Don’t start your story too slow. Too much description. Not enough description. Too many characters. Too few characters. Too much dialogue. Not enough dialogue.

Read more…

Today’s $10 Word – Atramental

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Of or pertaining to ink; inky; black, like ink

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Funniest Yo Mama Jokes

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  • Yo mama’s so fat, she has smaller fat women orbiting around her.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, it takes two semi trucks for her to haul ass.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, her ass got home an hour after the rest of her did.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, I got lost running around her.
  • Yo mama’s so fat, when she wears red everyone yells, “HEY KOOL-AID!”
  • Yo mama’s so fat, that her alphabet only has three letters – KFC!
  • Yo mama’s so fat, her blood type is Ragu. Read more…