– Under the Darkened Moon (novel)

Title: Under the Darkened Moon

Word Count Estimate: 134,921 (with Epilogue)

Submission Status: Currently preparing query letter.  Submissions will begin 1/2/2013


There is a good for nothing elf in Freeport. An assassin lurks in the shadows, yet no one knows why. What does the blue-skinned, foul, dirt digger want within the walls of man’s greatest city and Capitol of the Eastern Kingdoms? Who is her target? Even The Council seems to not take the threat seriously. But Kyel wants to know what she is doing within the city’s walls and why she has come here. He is called by his duty as a sworn Knight of the Order to uncover what her plot is and more importantly why, after their first encounter, she let him live.

Genre: high fantasy

Format: novel

Type: swords & sorcery

World Type: other worlds

Status: First draft completed (12/13/2011). Rough edit started (1/29/2012). Rough edit competed (2/1/2012). Second edit begun (2/13/2012). Currently waiting for feedback on first 9 chapters.
(3/16/2012). Fourth edit done.
(3/30/2012). Sixth edit done.
(4/12/2012). Ninth edit done.
(4/30/2012). Tenth edit done.
(5/07/2012). Eleventh edit done.
(5/20/2012). Twelfth edit done.
(6/15/2012). 13th (unlucky?) edit done!
As of 9/1/2012, Under the Darkened Moon is currently undergoing a “live read” edit. My wife reads, and I listen to how it sounds. I then go back and make my own, independent changes a few days later and merge them in the Final Edit. This edit is currently on Chapter 27 of 45 as of 9/12/12.
As of 9/12/2012 The Final Edit of Under the Darkened Moon is underway and completed through chapter 22.

12/25/2012 Manuscript Completed!

File open date: July 18th, 2011

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