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Editing And Posting Daughters of Fate Book 2

August 19, 2019 Leave a comment

I’ve been lax posting here since finishing up Daughters of Fate Book 1. And while it is currently approaching 4k reads on Wattpad, I have been working hard on Book 2.

I’m now on Chapter 10 (posting today) and I have been using ProWritingAid to assist with the construction of the story and the narrative.

While I like the software, it is very glitchy, and times and also gives very bizarre suggestions that I think aren’t the best for creative writing. You just have to learn what to ignore and what to listen to.

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Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood [Vol 1]

June 15, 2019 Leave a comment

So, I have been literally so darn busy lately that it completely slipped my mind to mention that I have another project being posted to Wattpad! While I am busy editing and reorganizing Daughters of Fate [Book 2], I have been posting the first episode of Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood [Volume 1].

This is an entirely NEW original story by yours truly, set in a completely different world than Geiha (Daughters of Fate). It also is written to have a more upbeat, fun, but also darker feel to it. As always I enjoy hearing what people think about my projects and would love to get comments over on Wattpad!

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Preparing for the Wattpad Wattys!

June 5, 2019 Leave a comment

Hello, all! And thanks to all of you that have read the draft of my first novel, Daughters of Fate [Book 1]!

I’ve made some changes to things and will be taking down the drafts here and updating the copy on Wattpad as my FINAL draft over the next few weeks. I am doing this in preparation for the 2019 Wattys, a yearly awards event that I will be entering Daughters of Fate [Book 1] into.

Yes, the odds of being picked are indeed slim. But I want to enter, so I will be doing these updates and removing the drafts from this site. Don’t worry, I’ll provide links in each chapter posting to direct you to the corresponding chapter on Wattpad. Read more…

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Daughters of Fate (Chapter 11)

March 21, 2019 Leave a comment

The eyes of the Seer do not always see the way. The mouth of the Oracle does not always speak the truth.
Gaal Hu, 1st Prophet

Chapter 11 (7th of Taru-Des)

“All hands! On deck!” the voice from the crow’s nest of the Oracle called out. “Captain Matir on board!” 

Reane was helped over the deck by one of her crew in the warming mid-afternoon air.  Several of other crew members scampered onto the deck at the call of the watchman and stood at attention. Reane waved them off and dismissed them. 

It was now unusually warm for winter and Reane’s heavy winter cloak had become a bit uncomfortable. As she nearly tripped over a stray board of lumber, her eyes couldn’t help but notice the scattered debris still about on the deck. 

“Brentai!”  She called as she braced herself against the railing.  “Brentai!”  Read more…

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Daughters of Fate (Chapter 7)

March 6, 2019 Leave a comment

Evil lurks within even the good.  Good sprouts from even the most evil. None are so pure as to not have two sides. 

-Ran Hardwick, Blood Lord

Chapter 7 (33rd of  Elgatan 6198)

“So,” Cassandra’s voice cut, just as surely as the knife she pressed to her prisoner’s neck.  Chained to the dungeon wall, he hung there.  “I understand that you and your comrades are rebels?”  There was unimaginable malice in the young woman’s eyes as she put force on the blade. 

Her prisoner winced, unwilling to talk.  

Read Chapter 7 of Daughters of Fate [Book 1] NOW on Wattpad >>

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Daughters of Fate (Chapter 6)

February 28, 2019 Leave a comment

When there are two, there cannot be one. When there are two, they will be mirrors. Where there are two, the world will be at war. Only when there is one, will all be calm.

-Seer Dolastati, A Vision on Water 13e

Chapter 6 (33  Elgatan 6198)

Hedric’s palace was growing as cold as the grave.  The staff in the furnace room had apparently fallen asleep at their post for the fifth time in as many days.  

Cassandra rubbed her temples, peeling a pair of wire-framed reading glasses from her eyes.  She stretched her neck and pushed strands of her shoulder-length red hair back over her ear.  She yawned.  

A knock thudded on her chamber door. 

Read Chapter 6 of Daughters of Fate [Book 1] NOW on Wattpad >>

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Alita: Battle Angel (Review)

February 18, 2019 Leave a comment

This review contains no spoilers…

By: Mathias Cavanaugh

There are stories that just beg to be made into cinematic experiences. Alita: Battle Angel is one of them. And it really could not be done correctly and with all due reverence to the source material before now.

It really did take every special effects trick and talent in existence today to make this move what it had to be. And what it had to be was great. Read more…

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Daughters of Fate (Chapter 3)

February 17, 2019 Leave a comment

When one becomes two. When one goes away. When one is scared. When one is angry. The souls can never be at peace. And the world will suffer.
-Prophecy 3411 by Aricese

Chapter 3 (30th of Rumatan 6190)


The hushed call of her name startled her. Dazed, the elder daughter of Stormband turned over. The straw of her mat cut into her sides. She blinked and watched as Cassandra stood over her.

“Aw, Cass,” Sheala moaned. “What is it? Go back to sleep.”

Read Chapter 3 of Daughters of Fate [Book 1] NOW on Wattpad >>

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Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 Update

February 14, 2019 Leave a comment

Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 is looking like it will be out of editing tomorrow. Target pub date is next Thursday. Read Chapter 1 on #wattpad @ or on @

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Daughters of Fate Cover

February 12, 2019 Leave a comment
Daughters of Fate Chapter 1 is set to be published tomorrow February 13, 2019

Daughters of Fate, Chapter 1, is set for publication tomorrow (February 13, 2019). For those that are interested, watch this space. I will also be publishing at Wattpad for users of that site.

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