Mar 21 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 11)

Posted by Mathias

The eyes of the Seer do not always see the way. The mouth of the Oracle does not always speak the truth.
Gaal Hu, 1st Prophet

Chapter 11 (7th of Taru-Des)

“All hands! On deck!” the voice from the crow’s nest of the Oracle called out. “Captain Matir on board!” 

Reane was helped over the deck by one of her crew in the warming mid-afternoon air.  Several of other crew members scampered onto the deck at the call of the watchman and stood at attention. Reane waved them off and dismissed them. 

It was now unusually warm for winter and Reane’s heavy winter cloak had become a bit uncomfortable. As she nearly tripped over a stray board of lumber, her eyes couldn’t help but notice the scattered debris still about on the deck. 

“Brentai!”  She called as she braced herself against the railing.  “Brentai!”  (more…)

Mar 06 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 7)

Posted by Mathias

Evil lurks within even the good.  Good sprouts from even the most evil. None are so pure as to not have two sides. 

-Ran Hardwick, Blood Lord

Chapter 7 (33rd of  Elgatan 6198)

“So,” Cassandra’s voice cut, just as surely as the knife she pressed to her prisoner’s neck.  Chained to the dungeon wall, he hung there.  “I understand that you and your comrades are rebels?”  There was unimaginable malice in the young woman’s eyes as she put force on the blade. 

Her prisoner winced, unwilling to talk.  

This was getting her nowhere.  She turned away, gritting her teeth in frustration.    

The air was still, dank, and foul in the palace dungeon.  It never changed down here.  Cassandra cast looks at the assortment of devices collected by Lord Hedric, all for the purpose of inflicting pain.  She returned her gaze to the man strung up on the wall.  His wound was dressed, but the bandage was saturated red with fresh blood. 

Feb 28 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 6)

Posted by Mathias

When there are two, there cannot be one. When there are two, they will be mirrors. Where there are two, the world will be at war. Only when there is one, will all be calm.

-Seer Dolastati, A Vision on Water 13e

Chapter 6 (33  Elgatan 6198)

Hedric’s palace was growing as cold as the grave.  The staff in the furnace room had apparently fallen asleep at their post for the fifth time in as many days.  

Cassandra rubbed her temples, peeling a pair of wire-framed reading glasses from her eyes.  She stretched her neck and pushed strands of her shoulder-length red hair back over her ear.  She yawned.  

A knock thudded on her chamber door. 

“Enter.”  She turned away from the papers that littered the top of the desk.  A teenaged boy cracked open the door and peered in.  “What is it?” she snapped.  It was late, and Cassandra was tired from the many hours of work she had put in today.  

“Sorry to disturb you, sub-general Nightwing,” the attendant spoke hesitantly.  “But Lord Hedric requests your presence in council immediately.”  

Feb 18 2019

Alita: Battle Angel (Review)

Posted by Mathias

This review contains no spoilers…

By: Mathias Cavanaugh

There are stories that just beg to be made into cinematic experiences. Alita: Battle Angel is one of them. And it really could not be done correctly and with all due reverence to the source material before now.

It really did take every special effects trick and talent in existence today to make this move what it had to be. And what it had to be was great. (more…)

Feb 17 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 3)

Posted by Mathias

When one becomes two. When one goes away. When one is scared. When one is angry. The souls can never be at peace. And the world will suffer.
-Prophecy 3411 by Aricese

Chapter 3 (30th of Rumatan 6190)


The hushed call of her name startled her. Dazed, the elder daughter of Stormband turned over. The straw of her mat cut into her sides. She blinked and watched as Cassandra stood over her.

“Aw, Cass,” Sheala moaned. “What is it? Go back to sleep.”

Sheala rolled back over and pulled the tattered blanket over her shoulders. The air was cold. Rain pounded outside, driving a chill into her.

Cassandra shook her. “C’mon, we’re getting out of here.”

Sheala pulled away from her hand. “What are you talking about?” She rubbed her eyes wearily. “We don’t have anywhere to go. Besides,” she yawned, “it’s not so bad.”

“Not so bad!” Cassandra quickly lowered her voice. “Sheala, you’ve been caught picking pockets three times in as many days. How much longer do you think Ebeth is going to be able to keep you from real trouble? Sooner or later, someone’s not going to give in to him. Then this scam the two of you have is really going to get messy.” (more…)

Feb 14 2019

Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 Update

Posted by Mathias

Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 is looking like it will be out of editing tomorrow. Target pub date is next Thursday. Read Chapter 1 on #wattpad @ or on @

Feb 12 2019

Daughters of Fate Cover

Posted by Mathias
Daughters of Fate Chapter 1 is set to be published tomorrow February 13, 2019

Daughters of Fate, Chapter 1, is set for publication tomorrow (February 13, 2019). For those that are interested, watch this space. I will also be publishing at Wattpad for users of that site.

Feb 11 2019

Daughters of Fate FAQ

Posted by Mathias

What is Daughters of Fate?

Daughters of Fate is a high fantasy story that I began writing in 1991. It is based on the world I created for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I DMed in college.

The world is now called Geiha. Back then it was called Geishia but has since undergone a name change. The story is set post the D&D campaign, after the fall of the Blood Lords and the events which the players were involved in at the time. (more…)

Feb 02 2019

Don’t Get Hung Up On Story Perfection

Posted by Mathias

The pursuit of the perfect story is folly. No matter how much time you put into it, how many people you have look it over, or how many times someone edits it for you, I hate to break it to you, but your story isn’t going to be perfect.

And that’s ok.

A great example of an excellent story that is far from perfect is Pixar’s original Toy Story. This animated masterpiece is so filled with plot holes and story telling disasters that, if you stop to think about each and every one and critique it on the basis of those items alone, you will wind up hating the story. (more…)

Jan 30 2019

I’m Not Dead Yet!

Posted by Mathias

Wow, two years flew by just like that!  It has been a while.  Hasn’t it?  Well, lots has certainly changed!

My wife and I welcomed a new baby, I’ve been crazy busy at work, and I even got my Professional Engineer’s license.

But I haven’t done what I said I would do and start posting chapters of Daughter of Fate online here.  I have been working on the story though.  You know, getting some things sorted out.  It’s a pretty big tale to tell and I realized some other items needed worked out before I got started posting. 

Then all that stuff I talked about previously happened. 

I know a lot of you are probably getting impatient with me.  I keep making promises and then don’t follow through.  Well,I’m going to do my best this time to delivery.  Stay tuned.