Sep 16 2012

Words of the Day – kishke & hawse

Posted by Mathias

noun \ˈkish-kə\

Definition of KISHKE

: beef or fowl casing stuffed (as with meat, flour, and spices) and cooked (more…)

Sep 07 2012

Word of the day – gault

Posted by Mathias

Pronunciation: \ˈgȯlt\
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps of Scandinavian origin; (more…)

Sep 05 2012

Today’s Word Of The Day – Obdurate

Posted by Mathias

\ˈäb-də-rət, -dyə-; äb-ˈdu̇r-ət, əb-, -ˈdyu̇r-\

Definition of OBDURATE (more…)

Aug 29 2012

Myth Busted: Passive Voice Is Not Significantly Harder To Read/Comprehend

Posted by Mathias

Are passive voice sentences really harder to read?  I hear this a lot as a reason to not use, or to at least use sparingly, the passive voice in writing.  So I decided to do a little test.  I took a series of sentences and wrote them in both the passive and active voice.  I then checked their readability statistics using Microsoft Word’s native tool for this.

Example 1: 

Active: “I mailed the letter.”

Flesch Reading Ease: 97

Flesch-Kincade Grade Level: 0.7 (more…)

Aug 28 2012

Today’s Word of the Day – Hoary

Posted by Mathias

hoary (adjective) \ˈhȯr-ē\

1 : gray or white with or as if with age
2 : extremely old : ancient <hoary legends>
Aug 20 2012

Today’s BONUS word of the day – jolie laide

Posted by Mathias

Ok, I know I already gave a word of the day, but here’s a bonus one!  Jolie laide!

foreign term \zhȯ-lē-led\ (more…)

Aug 20 2012

Today’s word of the day – hispid

Posted by Mathias

In keeping within finding odd, underused words, today, I present you with the word hispid.

adj \ˈhis-pəd\ (more…)

Aug 17 2012

Word Of The Day – hirsute

Posted by Mathias


adj \ˈhər-ˌsüt, ˈhir-, ˌhər-ˈ, hir-ˈ\

Aug 10 2012

More Great Lines From The Black Company

Posted by Mathias

Yes, I confess, I love reading Glen Cook’s Chronicles of the Black Company. Croaker, the character who tells the story is just so over the top in the way he observes things. Normally, overly flowery rhetoric bores me. But, in this book it just works. I don’t know why. You just believe that he really sees things this way.

So, here are some more of my favorite overdone lines: (more…)

Aug 08 2012

Why I Love Reading The Black Company

Posted by Mathias

I love reading Glen Cook’s Chronicles of The Black Company. Just lines like this make me smile, no matter how silly they sound: (more…)