Sep 08 2012

Things I Simply Don’t Believe

Posted by Mathias

There are just some things I simply don’t believe.  For example, someone with 100,000 followers, but who only follows 1,000 people him/her self, on Twitter chooses to follow me.  Ok, I really would like to think I am that interesting.  Really, I would.  Maybe I am.  But I’ve been to this rodeo enough to know how it is going to play out. (more…)

Jul 15 2012

BRUTE FORCE Publicity Rarely Works

Posted by Mathias

I spent some time in advertising.  I also have spent a lot of time selling my own products.  Over the course of those many years I have learned one thing, brute force publicity rarely works.

What do I mean by “brute force publicity”?  Simple.  I mean beating your potential clients over the head repeatedly with your message to the point where it becomes annoying.

Yes, it is true that one of the rules of selling is to ingrain your message in the heads of potential customers.  But, doing so to the point where they tune you out is bad. (more…)

Jun 26 2012

Please Avoid These Five Major Twitter Fails!

Posted by Mathias

Ah, yes, Twitter.  140 characters to say whatever it is that is on your mind.  But are you guilty of any of these five major Twitter fails?  Maybe it is time to rethink your life.

1. Demanding someone follow you in order for you to follow them.

Really?  You have so little that is interesting to say that you have to bribe people to follow you?  Shame.

2. Following someone, waiting for them to follow you, and then unfollowing them.

Can’t drum up followers any other way huh? (more…)

Jun 26 2012

Tuesday Morning Twitter Follower Welcomes

Posted by Mathias
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Jun 25 2012

Monday Moning Twitter Welcomes

Posted by Mathias

Morning!  Monday morning twitter follower welcomes to:

Kelly Brown[email protected]

I read books in droves & like to review/beta. Tweet me ur book! I also like black unicorns and love to write. So much so that I wrote a whole novel.

Peter Hall[email protected]

Rhodes College ’12 Business student. Entrepreneur. Lax.Grizz fan. Founder of PromiseWater and

Rachael Taylor[email protected]

loves cats authors and owls!

Rebecca Berto[email protected]

I’m writing a Psychological Thriller. My blog, Novel Girl, discusses books, writing, publishing & author interviews. I’m an Editorial Assistant at @TRAUS.

InD’Tale Magazine[email protected]

Cutting edge information, honest, professional book reviews, interesting, entertaining articles, educational columns for the self and small published.

Becca Campbell[email protected]

I write novels. I devour books. I knit in crazy places. I paint when the brushes beckon. I seek inspiration and to inspire others. Creator of

Kelsye[email protected] and Daylight Writers founder. Marketing Pro. Runner. Car singer. Sudoku GENIUS. Hopelessly happy.

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Jun 24 2012

Sunday Afternoon New Twitter Follower Welcomes

Posted by Mathias

Welcome to these new followers on Twitter!

K.E. Saxon[email protected]

Writer of contemporary and historical romance fiction/organic gardener extraordinaire

Raeann Blake[email protected]

Indie Romance author and software engineer (the day job). Swinging in the wind while trying to decide whether to stay Indie or pursue traditional publishing.

Gareth Young[email protected]

Aspiring (perspiring) writer. Check out my book links and short bio here: Anything else you want to know, you only have to ask…

Natalie Hillier[email protected]

Admin Assist, passionate/obsessive reader, never without a book in hand, newly book blogger, purple is my ultimate favorite color lol, pls check out my blog.

Sneezing Panda[email protected]

Launching Summer 2012

BZ Hercules[email protected]

Comedy/Mystery Writer and Alter Ego to @BethLynne1 I wear the cape in this duo! Lawyer, Muscian, Brain Surgeon

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Jun 24 2012

More Sunday New Twitter Follower Welcomes!

Posted by Mathias

I want to welcome all these people to my little corner of Twitter!

Gary Sanders[email protected]

Screenwriter: Crime Dramas & Action Thrillers. Worlds 2nd Worst Surfer: Also writing a novel to be released in 2012.

Write Emotobooks[email protected]

Grit City Publications is currently seeking pop-fiction for our catalog of EmotoSingles and EmotoSerials. Become a pioneer. Join the emotobooks Revolution!

Gae-Lynn Woods[email protected]

Texas Crime Fiction writer – because some folks just need killin’. Jazz lover, fence fixer, pretty good post-hole digger, and mad about BBC’s The Archers.

JuNoWriMo[email protected]

A novel writing challenge in June – 50,000 words in 30 days. Check out the buzz with #JuNoWriMo. Brought to you by @beccajcampbell and @aehowardwrites

Number 42[email protected]_

People throw rocks at things that shine. #InstantFollowBack

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Jun 24 2012

Sunday Morning New Twitter Welcome

Posted by Mathias

THN Enterprises, LLC[email protected]_Enterprises

Performances Marketing, Call Tracking, & IVR Call Control System Technologies, visit my blog @ us on facebook.con/THNENTERPRISES

NHL Expert Picks[email protected]

Providng Blogs, Stats, News and More! NHL Handicapper: 2011/2012 Record:[148-62]

Helen Hanson[email protected]

Thriller novelist, former corporate droness, Redwood Curtain escapee, red-wine sipper, hacky sack duffer, unrepentant misfit, & seed patron to avian travelers.

Raine Thomas[email protected]_Thomas

Wedding planner by day, YA author by night. Words are my passion! The Daughters of Saraqael Trilogy and DEFY now available!

Gail (Trish) Gentry[email protected]

Lover of Life & Laughter. My day job is a paralegal, a 24/7 observer, good listener & gr8 friend. Love reading & writing short stories. Working on my 1st novel

zrockmusic[email protected]


B Throwsnaill[email protected]

Author of Hemlock and the Wizard Tower–a sword and sorcery epic inspired by Tolkien, Moorcock and Herbert. I am interested in politics, history and philosophy.


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Jun 23 2012

Saturday Evening Twitter Welcomes

Posted by Mathias

matt t. schott[email protected]

Author of the Award Winning ScFi novel, Lord Skyler & The Earth Defense Force. I Quest for Knowledge to Obtain Wisdom please RT my favorites,

 JimLeCurn[email protected]

Devoted cinephile and founder of CURNBLOG.

Madeline Harvey[email protected]

People call me Mad Harvey, but I’m not all that angry. I’ve penned one unremarkable novel and have high hopes for the next. I’m here for the wine and cheese.[email protected]

The goal of the Social Network ArkNow is to create an informational and social environment to reduce risks of natural disasters on humans.

william d. hicks[email protected]

Author of Twist, Killer Flies, Heavy Petting and AHA!

Shannon MacLeod[email protected]

Writer of romance, teller of tales, weaver of dreams – Author of The Celtic Knot: Suit of Cups, coming 12/3/12 from Lyrical Press!

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Jun 23 2012

Saturday Twitter Follower Welcomes

Posted by Mathias

carlyle Labuschagne[email protected]

Debut Author for 2012~ The Broken Destiny . Ruled by passion and creativity. Food lover , South African

Gina Kincade[email protected]

Owner of Naughty Nights Press (NNP), Author of Erotic/Paranormal Literature. Founder/Administrator of Mistress Journals Erotic Stories Forum. Busy Lady!

Adam Kelly Morton[email protected]

Film. Write. Teach. Game. Love. Live. Feed the cats. @acknoledgefilm @ioactingstudio #Director #Teacher #Writer

Michael Montoure[email protected]

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