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Finally There – Under the Darkened Moon Manuscript Phase

With FINAL edits done, I am now on to the manuscript compilation phase for Under the Darkened Moon.  Ok, so “FINAL” edit is probably a misnomer because compiling the manuscript does entail some minor editing.  I’m still looking for errors, but mostly it will consist mostly of formatting.

However, I do read each chapter one, final time.  In the process, I am looking for:

  1. Any remaining sentence structure issues.
  2. Any places where dialogue might need some clarifation as to who is speaking and adding “so-and-so said” (or equivalent) as needed.
  3. Needless “had”s, “that”s, and “look”s that were missed in final editing
  4. Running the text through a Text To Speech engine to listen and see if there are any missing words or awkward sounding items.

Finished chapter 1 last night and things went swimmingly.  One sentence corrected.  No dialogue problems.  No superfelous hads, looks, or thats.  And the TTS software read sounded great to me.

Onward and upward!

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