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“When Are You Publishing?” He Asked

A friend of mine, who adores my current WIP (Under the Darkened Moon) asked me, “So, when are you publishing?”

I don’t know, I said, probably once I find an agent and they find me a publisher.

My friend was shocked! “You’re not going to just self-publish?”

No, not right off the bat I explained. And there are good reasons why. First of all, I am not completely jaded when it comes to traditional publishing. I know enough traditionally published authors and they have given me good advice and encouragement.

I’ve chosen to give myself two years to try and get my first novel traditionally published. I’ve got a long enough list of agents and publishers that it will conceivably take me that long to go through it.

Secondly, self-publishing, and being really successful at it, is very time consuming. Not to mention it is really hard work! I know that, right now, I don’t have the time, money, and energy that I would need in order to promote a self-published book. I need to work on growing my social network following too, and doing it the right way. Sure I could take a lot of shortcuts and blindly trade follows/friendships for follows/friendships, but all that gets you is 100,000 people who don’t listen to anything you say.

Thirdly, regardless of the way things are improving, self-publishing still has a stigma to it. There is still loads of crap that cannot even be considered first draft quality being published.

Worse is that 5 star reviews are thrown around in a disturbing quid pro quo fashion to make the crap seem like it’s roses. Wading through this sea of madness is not something I am ready to do right now.

If, after I have exhausted all avenues along the traditional publishing route, and I still feel strongly about my first ever completed novel, then I will self-publish it.

“Wow,” said my friend. “you sure are more patient than I would be.”

Yes, I am patient. Patience has served me very well and made me successful in other pursuits I have engaged in throughout my life. I’m hoping it pays off in this latest one too.

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