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Under the Darkened Moon Editing Update

So, yes, editing for Under the Darkened Moon is coming along well.  Just yesterday I got through Chapter 19 on the FINAL round of edits.  We’re up to Chapter 23 on the live read through.

In terms of general things, words are hitting the cutting room floor fast and furious.  Here’s the way things look through the first 19 chapters:

You can see I’ve trimmed 3,185 words so far and that puts, if this pace continues, the final novel to clock in at around 143,500 words.  It was 152,000 at the start of this edit.

Some of my edits are not ones that I am completely pleased with.  But they are edits that had to be made for one reason or another.  Maybe I’ll talk about those in detail later, but not right now.  I’ve had to make some concessions while still maintaining the story I want to tell in my own voice.

As for right now, know that the editing is proceeding.  Although hitting my self-imposed end of September deadline is going to be iffy.

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