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Things I Simply Don’t Believe

There are just some things I simply don’t believe.  For example, someone with 100,000 followers, but who only follows 1,000 people him/her self, on Twitter chooses to follow me.  Ok, I really would like to think I am that interesting.  Really, I would.  Maybe I am.  But I’ve been to this rodeo enough to know how it is going to play out.

Here’s the way it goes down. You’ll wait a day, maybe a couple days even, to see if I follow you. Then you’ll unfollow me. Why? Because you’re doing the Twitter churn in an an attempt to scam people into following you because you don’t offer them anything that they really want to hear. You’re hoping to trade a follow for a follow. Well, since I don’t autofollow, that doesn’t happen.

Since you don’t say anything that interests me in the least, I won’t follow you. Then you’ll just unfollow me like you would anyway and you’ll move on to your next “mark” to see if your can add another 100,000 followers to your portfolio and make yourself feel better about yourself.

Maybe you’ll surprise me and keep following me because you honestly think I’m interesting. But I won’t put money on that.  There’s always a first for everything though.

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