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10 Likely Reasons I Didn’t Follow You On Twitter

Every day I get new followers on Twitter.  I do follow back most (>50%), but I don’t follow back many for various reasons.  Here are the 10 most likely reasons you didn’t get a follow back.

10. You’re a political hack who likes to spout off your ignorant, unresearched, unfounded thoughts on a regular basis.  Note: I’m not on Twitter to listen to such things.
9. You’re obviously just collecting Twitter followers as some sort of meaningless trophy to boost your ego (I.e. you follow 100K people and have 100K followers)
8. A look at your recent history shows you only talk about yourself, don’t RT, or converse with others.
7. Your tweets or profile make it clear you think that Christians are evil, brainwashed people.
6. You tweet 300x an hour, 20 hours a day.
5. The only thing you tweet about is SEO.
4. Your twitter icon is essentially porn.
3. Not only did you follow me, but you immediately sent me a DM making sure I know it and asking when I am going to “return the favor”.
2. Every tweet you make is “Buy my [book/product]”
1. NOTHING you say interests me.

  1. November 5, 2012 at 11:43 am | #1

    I can get behind most of it–all of it, with some presumptions about the larger meaning of what you’re saying. A few weeks ago I Tweeted that 10,000 random followers was useless to me, and that I’d rather have my (what was at the time) 300 real people following, and who I was following back.

    Within five minutes, two new followers DMed me with variations on “I can get you tons of new followers, just follow me first and use #Followme!”

    As a writer, I like to think I write fairly coherently. What part of “useless” wasn’t clear?!

    It doesn’t take much time to look at a person’s profile to see what they’re on Twitter for. Even folks who seem sincere may not get a follow-back if I don’t think there’s a mutually-beneficial connection to be made.

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