Jun 29 2012

Jumping In – Second Chances Completed For Submission

Ok, I’ve been rushing to complete my short story Second Chances for submission into a fantasy short story contest to see how things go.  Deadline is fast appraoching, like tomorrow fast, and I have been doing some polishing.

The story follows Kath’ri-sa, an elf, and the deuteragonist of my novel Under the Darkened Moon.  I just like saying the word deuteragonist.  Its sounds so quirky.

Final stats on the short story are 5,941 words, Flesch Reading Ease of 84.3, and Flesch-Kincade Grade Level of 4.1.

This will be my very first submission of any sort of fantasy story for any sort of formal judging.  It is nerveracking to say the least.  Everyone has opinions and those opinions vary.  Everyone likes different styles and you cannot fret over that I know, but it is still a hurdle that one needs to overcome on the road to getting publ

7 Responses to “Jumping In – Second Chances Completed For Submission”

  1. Jacklyn Says:

    How do you think you’ll do? Any idea on how many entries they recieved? So excited for you! Hope you do well!

  2. Mathias Says:

    Well, I don’t know how many they recieved. Maybe 1,000?

    I am sure there were lots of good submissions and there can only be six winners. Of course I think my story is good, but the judges, not me, get to decide in the end.

  3. Mathias Says:

    Update, I hear they recieved somewhere around 1,700 submissions.

  4. J Rog Says:

    Ok, so that means that about 170 entries were of some quality. About 75 at most were polished. Then maybe 25 were of real merit.

    I’ve been enough of these sorts of contests to know.

  5. P A Cat Says:

    So, did you take advantage of their like $7 critiquing service? Or did you not get in quick enough since they limited it to just 300 entrants?

  6. Mathias Says:

    I’ve been following their twitter feed. J Rog, looks like you nailed it. They say one in 10 is making the long list.

  7. Mathias Says:

    Sorry, PA cat, missed you there. Yes, actually I did. I want to see what their opinions are. The fact that I was able to still get that and that there were not 300 people signed up by the time I submitted says a lot of people are comfortable with their own work.

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