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Please Avoid These Five Major Twitter Fails!

Ah, yes, Twitter.  140 characters to say whatever it is that is on your mind.  But are you guilty of any of these five major Twitter fails?  Maybe it is time to rethink your life.

1. Demanding someone follow you in order for you to follow them.

Really?  You have so little that is interesting to say that you have to bribe people to follow you?  Shame.

2. Following someone, waiting for them to follow you, and then unfollowing them.

Can’t drum up followers any other way huh?

3. Tweeting ONLY to promote your product / website

Ok, I get it.  You have a book or a website you REALLY want to sell and get people to visit.  But what do you really have to offer your followers?

4. Taking #3 to the extreme by spam tweeting the same 10 or 20 Tweets over and over and over, multiple times per day, day in and day out.

Nothing going on in your life other than schlepping your product huh?  How many of your followers stopped pay attention to you 25,000 Tweets ago?

5. Begging for Retweets.

Starting every Tweet with a beg (“PLS RT”, etc.) only makes you look desperate.  I don’t know about others, but if you beg, I am less likely to retweet what you have to say.

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