Jun 26 2012

Tuesday Morning Twitter Follower Welcomes

Posted by Mathias in Twitter

Welcome to the following new followers on Twitter!

Piper Biswell‏@PiperBiswell

Master of the launguage giberish, Currently writing bad sci-fi novels, And out of touch with recent music.

Chuck Barrett‏@Chuck_Barrett

Author of award-winning thriller, THE SAVANNAH PROJECT and THE TOYMAKER. Retired air traffic controller and commercial pilot.

Penguins view‏@Penguinsview

Your source for the latest news on Pittsburgh Penguins

Sabrina Zollo‏@sabrinazollo

Chick Lit Author & Healthcare Marketer, naturally. White wine & chocolate lover. Cheeky monkey. My book Why I Love My Gay Boyfriend releases Sep 30!

Michael Tate‏@Michael_A_Tate

Michael Tate is a Minneapolis based physicist turned writer. He is involved in the #fridayflash and #stabbylove writers groups and currently editing his novel.

Keran Parizek‏@KeranParizek

Writer and artist.

Ron Baxley, JR.‏@RonBaxleyJRofOz

-Fantasy, Oz, & sci-fi author. -Books at www.reimannbooks.com , www.lulu.com/eetatcocispress, CreateSpace.com, and Amazon.com .

Patricia Paris‏@PatriciaParis1

I am an author who spends her spare time sailing, gardening, and flexing her culinary muscle whenever possible.

Siobhan Muir‏@SiobhanMuir

Paranormal Romance author – Romance heroes; the Weird, the Wild, and the Wicked!

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