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Submit a book review!

Have you written a review of a fantasy or sci-fi book?  I’m willing to consider publishing it.

PLEASE!  SERIOUS REVIEWS ONLY!  If the write up is nothing except you gushing with repeated OMGS, endless praise for how it the novel was “the best book ever!!!!” or, on the other side of the spectrum, needless bashing, I don’t want it.

What did you like?  What didn’t you like?  What were the strengths?  Were there any weaknesses?  Be honest, not a kiss ass or jack ass.

If you have a blog, twitter account, facebook page, etc I’ll give you a link back to you sites.  Within reason of course.  I’m not going to link to 10 different pages and profiles!  So let’s keep the links back to three or less ok?

I am especially interested in helping to promote independent and self-published authors.

Authors, please don’t review your own books and submit them!  Please!  I’m begging you NOT to do this.  But if you know someone that read it and like it, then by all means encourage them to submit a review to me at [email protected]

I am not promising that I will publish all reviews I recieve, simply soliciting them.  Nor am I saying they will go up within a minute, an hour or even a few days of them hitting my inbox.  What I am saying is that I will consider them if you want to submit them.

And in case anyone is wondering, no, I WON’T hold you to my stringent grading standards for books whereby almost nothing gets five stars.  You can have your own opinion on that matter.

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    I’ve been a fantasy & fan since I hid under the bed at age 9 when the ring wraiths rode by. SF came shortly after when I talked the school librarian into letting me check out “I Robot.” But since I started writing I’ve become very picky about editing. I don’t finish reading a lot of indie books because I get bored, aggravated at poor writing/editing, etc. So those books I finish and review are mostly those I consider good in all aspects. Indie authors I think deserve wider readership include Susan Kaye Quinn, who used to work for NASA, D. Robert Pease, Karen E. Hoover, and Rick Daley, but their books were written for teens. You’re welcome to post any reviews I left on Goodreads since I started reviewing last year. http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/6104899-sher-a-hart?format=html&shelf=my-reviews

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