Jun 14 2012

Thursday Lunchtime Twitter Welcomes!

Posted by Mathias in Twitter

Welcome to these new twitter followers!

Christ-follower; Questions Queen; Most-Things-Web consultant; Author/Publisher; creator of IndAIndex.com; AKA; seven-fold columnist for Examiner.com

I’m a graphic designer, working as a freelance book cover designer right now. And also writing my first novel – yeah-yeah, I know, like everyone else is! ๐Ÿ™‚

Writer (โ€˜Ordinary Farmโ€™ novels), businesswoman, @TadWilliams is my Beloved. Sci-fi & fantasy culture, ideas, life of the mind: get my funnies on @frankie_wah

The Surgeon’s Blade, Children of The Plantation,The Seeds of Time,The Assassins’ Village, mystery/suspense action http://amzn.to/oLQt8c & http://amzn.to/qe90Lf

Author & Speaker / Christian Worldview: Politics, Business Leadership & Ethics, Marriage & Family, Inspiring Biblical Words of Wisdom, Tips, Links, & Comments

Smart, sassy, bold achiever; Nominee for RT Best Book, 2011; Health Care Management Higher Ed & HCMN Consultant

Author of THE PLOTTERS OF CANTAERA fantasy trilogy, BRILLIANT DISGUISE Book One of The Romy Malloy Series and Stop Sucking/Start Writing

Also writing as Blue Flute, I enjoy writing new #poems and translating classical #poetry. Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007J9LZD6

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