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Ok, Progress Made! But Shockingly Not What I Wanted.

So I have been sitting down the past couple days and have come up with a bunch of information for my fantasy world. I’ve laid down a lot of important things such as how long the year is, what types of magic exist, the size of the world in question, a back story that sets up why there is the conflict that there is, the pantheon of deities and I even came up with a basic story plot based on all this.

But what started happening actually surprised me a little. I sat down to do some free writing and now, 75 pages and 19,000 words later, I actually have the start of a full blown novel! Not the short story I intended to write!

Bear with me while I grunt in frustration. Ugh!

The story simply started taking on a life of its own unfortunately and I was not paying enough attention to what I was doing. I have looked back over these 75 pages to see if somewhere in those words a short story actually exists but I just do not see one that interests me. Sure there are stories that are untold like how the main character got to where he is now but I don’t want to tell that story at this time otherwise I would have started with that in the first place.

However I think I have a plan B. Somewhere in this story line I am concocting is some back story I can tell for a short story. Not sure exactly where that is right now, but maybe if I keep writing this novel length story I will come up with the short story I want to tell that would explain something happening within these pages.

Here’s hoping!

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