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Moving Forward And Thinking Ahead

Under the Darkened Moon, the first novel I have come close to completing, is proceeding through the editing process. My mind numb from having read, edited, read, incorporated feedback, read, edited, incorporated feedback, etc. there is a need for in me to seek shelter elsewhere from time to time. When I cannot concentrate on editing this story, which is now so engrained in my mind that it is literally part of me, I am actively working on the development of Her Lovely Blood.

Currently that novel stands at around 30,000 some odd words and intrigues me the most to start working on seriously as my next project. I started writing Under the Darkened Moon on July 18th of last year. That means I have dedicated almost a full year to that story. Now starting its 8th edit it is getting near the end of the line for that one and it will have to be shopped around before the end of this year. I need to get involved in something new so that once this story is out the door I can hit the ground running on the next project.

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