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Conan – Proof Bad Writing Gets Rewarded

This weekend I rented the remake of Conan to watch because I needed something to do. It was, to be nice, just simply further proof that bad storytelling gets rewarded a lot more than some authors like to think.

The story was, at it’s base, sound, but the way it was told and translated to the screen was horrible. The flow was horrible and haphazard. The characters were shallow. Nothing meshed. It felt as though the movie was just a bunch of random scenes thrown together with some gratuitous nudity tossed in to appeal to sexually deprived teenage boys.

Authors all the time worry about getting what they write picked up and viewed by the masses. They worry they their work is not good enough. And it might not be. But bad stories are put forth, published, turned into movies, etc. all the time. So take heart in knowing that even if your story absolutely blows there are people out there who are silly enough to promote it.

I can only wonder how many great scripts were tossed in the garbage so that the reboot of the Conan storyline could be made and then flop. Authors can take heart in knowing that bad stories get written all the time an promoted. But they also have to shake their heads and wonder if theirs will be scrapped in favor of such garbage as well.

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