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My How Things Change With Time

As I have talked about, I am in the stages of editing my first novel, Under the Darkened Moon. Sitting here thinking about it, the story sure has changed a lot from the original summary I wrote for the novel which was this:

Elves, Dark Elves, Ogres, Trolls and Men are all at war. Men and their elven allies are strong in number but surrounded by their enemies on all sides and slowing loosing the grip on their lands and their wealth. In a dangerous gambit, one Dark Elf chooses to betray her people for reasons that are her own and defect to the other side. Along with the Devine Knights of Freeport’s Order Of Galadina Do’rr they plot to undo the evil alliance of her people, the Ogres and the Trolls from within and turn the tide of the war. But she is not the only traitor with plans of such treason.

Gone from the world are the Dark Elves, Ogres and Trolls. The world was shrunk considerably. The name of Galadina Do”rr has been changed to Arrnna Do’rr. The story no longer flips between POV characters and everything is now seen through the eyes of the main character only. The ending is entirely different. The pantheon of gods was stripped from 12 down to just two. Several characters had their modus operandi completely changed. Most of the ancillary characters are gone. The story has shrunk in time frame from five years down to just about two.

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