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Editing And Posting Daughters of Fate Book 2

I’ve been lax posting here since finishing up Daughters of Fate Book 1. And while it is currently approaching 4k reads on Wattpad, I have been working hard on Book 2.

I’m now on Chapter 10 (posting today) and I have been using ProWritingAid to assist with the construction of the story and the narrative.

While I like the software, it is very glitchy, and times and also gives very bizarre suggestions that I think aren’t the best for creative writing. You just have to learn what to ignore and what to listen to.

Anyway, I was happy because today when I ran Chapter 10 of Book 2 through the editor and checked it I got what I considered a pretty good score.

Understand, that spelling will rarely be 100 because of all the made up names I use (and for some reason the dictionary function isn’t the best) and most of those grammar points I have knocked off is because for some reason ProWritingAid thinks the second word in some sentences should be capitalized. Why I don’t know.

My biggest thing is always low “style” scores. But here I scored an 86 rather than my typical 60 to 75. So I am very happy.

Anyway, Daughters of Fate Book 2 can be found on Wattpad:


And of course Daughters of Fate Book 1 as well.


Please feel free to check them out and let me know what you think!

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