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Preparing for the Wattpad Wattys!

Hello, all! And thanks to all of you that have read the draft of my first novel, Daughters of Fate [Book 1]!

I’ve made some changes to things and will be taking down the drafts here and updating the copy on Wattpad as my FINAL draft over the next few weeks. I am doing this in preparation for the 2019 Wattys, a yearly awards event that I will be entering Daughters of Fate [Book 1] into.

Yes, the odds of being picked are indeed slim. But I want to enter, so I will be doing these updates and removing the drafts from this site. Don’t worry, I’ll provide links in each chapter posting to direct you to the corresponding chapter on Wattpad.

Thank you all! I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten immensely!

Please visit my author profile page on Wattpad, and also please check out the final draft of Daughters of Fate [Book 1] once it is posted!

FYI, if you visit me on Wattpad, you will see my new project, Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood! It’s a little darker … a littler grittier … and I hope a little funnier too!

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