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Alita: Battle Angel (Review)

This review contains no spoilers…

By: Mathias Cavanaugh

There are stories that just beg to be made into cinematic experiences. Alita: Battle Angel is one of them. And it really could not be done correctly and with all due reverence to the source material before now.

It really did take every special effects trick and talent in existence today to make this move what it had to be. And what it had to be was great.

And so it was.

People that know me, know that I say that Hollywood needs to get more original. They really do need to stop making movies out of stories that are already told and stop going back to the well with remakes of already made movies at the obscene clip they are currently.

But, that being said, Alita: Battle Angel is a story that is still unique enough in a world of Hollywood cookie cutters that it easily bucks this philosophy of mine.

You like action? You like adventure? You like the fantastic? You like good story? You like characters that are relatable? Alita has all that.

You just also have to like the sci-fi/cyberpunk aspect of it too. And, sad to say, that will be what turns some people off. It just isn’t their thing.

Rosa Salizar delivers for James Cameron from start to finish in this film. And while it really isn’t her that we see on screen, it is also entirely her. She is Alita and the reason the character is so good.

Alita: Battle Angel (the movie) isn’t original in that it comes from well-established plot and story. There are however changes to that story by
Yukito Kishiro. Some of them fix clunky parts of the original. Others introduce new problems if you are actively seeking them.

The story told in the movie was too big for one movie. That’s why the ending sets up a sequel. But even what was in the movie was too much to the point where there were obvious storytelling devices used to move it along in jumps and fits.

Yes, there are also parts where the digital effects used to render Alita is a bit off. Especially when it comes to the way her lips move. But that doesn’t cripple the action or excitement. And they are minor.

And enough about the complaints about Alita’s eyes. They work. And they set her apart from the other characters in an important way. They show her as the “unique” person/creature that she is.

If you are looking for something that is fast-paced and fresher than 95% of what Hollywood is currently producing, then Alita: Battle Angel is the movie you have to go see.

So go see Alita: Battle Angel. It needs to be seen.

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