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Getting The Chapters of Daughters of Fate Readable

So, one of the things I am doing before publishing chapters of Daughters of Fate is that I have them edited. I have a couple proofreaders that, in exchange for seeing the chapters first, are going through them and pointing out anything that they see as issues.

But before that, I also put the chapters through two different apps to try and get the major language issues sorted out. The first is the Hemmingway Editor. This is pretty good at finding my clunky sentences, spelling, etc.

The second is Grammarly. I use the free version and it also catches some things Hemmingway doesn’t.

Usually, the first time I load a chapter into Grammarly, it is not unusual to get a readability score of 90. Not bad, but not good enough either. My target is to get it to 98+. I have to accept lower than 100 because in my experience while apps like Hemmingway and Grammarly are good, they are also not perfect. Often they will flag problems that are not problems and then knock you down a peg or two for it.

So, let me just share the current Grammarly readability rating for Chapter 2 and also Chapter 3 (which is heading to the editor today).

This doesn’t mean everything is hunkydoory with the story. They are just some of the tools I use to catch glaring problems with sentence structure, grammar and the like before embarrassing myself too much with my proofreaders

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