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Daughters of Fate FAQ

What is Daughters of Fate?

Daughters of Fate is a high fantasy story that I began writing in 1991. It is based on the world I created for the Dungeons and Dragons campaign I DMed in college.

The world is now called Geiha. Back then it was called Geishia but has since undergone a name change. The story is set post the D&D campaign, after the fall of the Blood Lords and the events which the players were involved in at the time.

What is the schedule for publishing chapters?

The chapters will be serialized on this site as they are completed. The publication schedule is set, tentatively, at approximately one chapter a month.

I make no promises that this will be a hard and fast rule. Life is often very complex and busy. Sometimes things happen.

Why has this story taken you 28 years to write?

Life. That’s why. It is a very busy and complex thing that we all have deal with. I put aside my writing several times throughout my own life in order to accomplish other goals. But my one true passion is to write. I’m now trying to focus on that.

Is the entire story written already?

If by written you mean put down on paper in chapter form, then no. The first 40 chapters do exist in various stages of completeness on paper. The rest are outlined in great details in my notes and my brain. The ending of the story is also very clear and well defined.

You’ve been promising us this for a while. What’s changed?

I’m kicking myself in the rear, in a manner of speaking, by writing this. I believe that by actively getting this post up on the site is going to help me commit to publishing what I have been promising for so long. I consider this to be my motivation to carry through.

Do you think people will enjoy the story you are going to tell?

Some people will. Some people won’t. I am sure that I will get a lot of criticism for what I will write and post.

Frankly, I’m doing this for myself. I like my story. I like all my stories. If you do too, then I’m happy to bring you a little joy as well.

If you don’t like it? Well, there’s there door.

Are you worried about negative comments about your work?

No. I’ve been writing for many years. Although not novels. Lots of people have taken issue with the things I have said and written. It’s never really bothered me.

I welcome comments. I do not welcome ignorant banter. All comments on this site are moderated. If someone has a well thought out critique, that doesn’t bother me. But if someone is just going to flame me or act like a petulant child, those comments will not see the light of day.

This is my story. I will tell it as I see fit.

Life’s too short to worry about pleasing everyone.

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