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Maybe I Am Being Too Critical Of My Own Work

So I just received back comments on my short story “Second Chances” from my second set of guinea pigs who I asked to read and comment on it after the first group really didn’t come back with anything overly critical. The responses from the second group were basically the same; nothing terribly wrong, great story, good read.

This second test group contained people that I peripherally know and I had thought that they would be more likely to be harsher and more critical than the first group which consisted of friends and family.

I personally still do not think the story is ready but perhaps I am being too hard on my work as the author of said work. Having thought about this I don’t know why this would be he case. I have incorporated the suggestions that this second group made and which made sense to include. Now I have to decide the next step. Do I start submitting it for publication? Do I get a third opinion?

Don’t know right now. With Christmas around the corner though I think I have some time to decide.

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