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Giving Your Own Book A Five Star Rating Is Just Outlandish

Some people have no shame.  I see it all the time with authors who give their own book a “5 star” rating on Goodreads and other, similar sites.

And the worst part about it is that they aren’t even shy about it.  They plop it up there and are almost so proud that they are beaming with joy over their actions.

Does any author really not like their own work?  If they don’t, they why are they publishing it?  It is sort of implied that, when an author publishes a book, they think it is a great story that other people should read.  But to advertise this by giving it a rating in such a bold manner is, frankly, outlandish behaviour that to me borders on narcissism.   Especially when you consider how willing other people are to give even average works five stars whether for free, for a little quid pro quo, or even for money.

Not that there is anything wrong with being average mind you.  Average is neither great nor horrible.  It’s just … well … average.  Lots of people are average.  Lots of things are average.  And believe me, lots of “5 star” books are very much average.

I’d really like to see authors stop giving their own works five star reviews on public sites and forums.  It just doesn’t seem right.  Besides, everyone knows the author is biased towards their own work.  So does anyone really take these sorts of reviews/ratings seriously anyway?  I know I don’t.  Look, it’s one thing to talk up you own work and promote yourself.  It is another matter entirely to actually rank your own work with a “5 star” review.

The best way to toot your own horn is to let someone else blow it for you.  When you resort to blowing it yourself you only seem desperate.

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