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Let The Submission Process Begin!!!

Last week I officially started sending out queries for my epic fantasy novel Under the Darkened Moon.  I started by selecting five literary agents and sent them all queries.  I followed their submission guidelines and sent what they requested, whether it was just a query, a query plus a synopsis, or a query plus a synopsis plus sample pages.

A couple days later I got my first official rejection.  It was a rejection based only on a query letter and a synopsis and not the actual story itself, but a rejection none-the-less.  Now I am looking at my set of next five lit agents to send letters to.

I know that literary agents say that they will often take 4 to 6 weeks to reply to a query, but I’m not going to wait and hold the process on their account.  I have a few hundred names of literary agents who represent either fiction in general, fantasy in general, or epic fantasy in particular.  If I waited until I heard back from each one OR gave them the time they say it will take to consider a proposal (some claim up to 8 months), I would never get through the list.  It’s nothing against the agents.  And its nothing personal.  But I have to start seeing if there is any real interest.  The only way to do that is to query, query, and query some more.

Only once I’ve mined though my database will I have to consider what to do if I can’t get a nibble.


I hope not no have a shutout pitched against me.  But I also know the odds are against me (as they are for anyone who writes a book).

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