Sex Paralysis

Now here is an interesting thing that I have been dealing with. At least it is interesting to me, while also frustrating, so I am going to write about it.

I have been working on the story Cry of the Golden Wyvern and part of the story, early on, is about the sexual liaison between two of the characters. This however has been a sticking point for parts of the story because it requires writing about sex.

Usually when I comes to writing about the act of sex in a story I set up the scene, fade to black, and then pick up afterwards. I am not in the business of writing erotica and my approach has worked well. I like letting the reader figure out what is going on in their own mind.

However, with Cry of the Golden Wyvern, that just not seem to fit the story because the sex is integral to the story. I tried my gloss over strategy to start but have been grossly unsatisfied with the results. The relationship is just not done justice by it. So I tried to actually write the sex scenes out.

The problem is that after writing them I feel this cheapens the story to some tawdry tale. You know, like those shallow romance novels you see with scantily clad bodies on the front to appeal to soft core porn addicts.

I have the tried what I called the “happy medium” approach where I would either tone down the sex scenes or get them rolling hot and heavy THEN fade out and. The former I felt made the importance of how the characters were a shallow caricature. They are supposed to be lustful which sets up why the rest of the story is what it is. I felt with the later approach that I might as well just write out the whole scene if I was willing to go that far.

It is like sex paralysis. I cannot find what I want to do. So I am going to set the story aside and work on my other projects. After three days of struggling with the issue I think I just need to let the issue simmer.

I find that with time a solution always arises.

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