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What My Friends On Goodreads Are Reading

Here are some recent reviews from my friends on Goodreads for books they have read.

11805486       12/22  Emily Guido gave 5 stars to: LIGHTMASTERS: Number 13 by M.G. Wells

I was pleasantly surprised when I read this enchanting book, “LightMasters” by M.G. Wells.
I have been wanting to read it for a while and just got the chance.

I loved the true YA book. It was very easy to read. I got sucked up into the story easily.
Great book and I will recommend it highly to middle school to high school young adults!
Extremely good read!

I have to give “LightMasters” a whopping five star review!

  15062217       12/22 J Vernon  gave 5 stars to: 14  by Peter Clines

status:           Read in December, 2012

I want to start off by saying that this book only took me a few days to read, not because of its length, but because of how interesting and exciting it was to read. The story starts out following our main character Nate, an average man with no direction in his life that happens on an apartment that is too good to pass up. Once moved in, he begins to meet the buildings is more interesting then its variety of colorful tenets. As the story moves on and Nate and some of the other tenets begin to really explore the oddities of the building, they are drawn into a story that is both bizarre and dangerous. When the truth behind the building comes to light, the epic conclusion to the book will leave you on edge and will force you to stay up late into the night to finish.

Every aspect of this book is a winner for me. The characters are very well created, interesting, and I found myself wanting to know just a little bit more of their back story as the novel progressed. The apartment building itself became a character by the end, which each room and its quirks taking on personalities of their own. They way the story progressed was well thought out, not plodding along while at the same time not throwing everything at you at once. The back story behind the building comes out a piece at a time in such a way that you feel like you are discovering it yourself right along with the main characters.
I would strongly recommend this book for fans of sci-fi stories set up in our world.

  13645315       12/22  J.D. Hughes  gave 5 stars to: The Super Spud Trilogy by Michael Diack
bookshelves: currently-reading, humourstatus: Read in December, 2012Crisp writing…

A terrific little book suitable for the young at heart… and possibly those with a secret admiration for the humble spud.  It’s completely normal to anthropomorphise inanimate objects – I did it myself with a short film about a psychotic telephone many years ago. What isn’t so normal is to imagine crisps (or potato chips as our American cousins call them), with personalities and lives full of adventure – even if those lives are occasionally short and their endings violent.

In fact, it’s so abnormal that it’s absolutely hilarious! Michael Diack has the sort of warped perception of reality I enjoy and his writing puts me in mind of a slightly blacker Terry Pratchett. This is nicely original writing divided into three stories with different heroes and I found many laugh out loud passages I will remember forever.

That you would care about the `lives’ of genetically modified crisps is astonishing, but care you will and there’s a subtext about the way we mess about with food that’s quite thought provoking. The characters are superb. Cougar, Colin, Martin… you’ll find yourself following their adventures without a thought for starch, potato blight or the vile taste of cheese and onion flavour. This imaginative idea should be picked up by Hollywood; it would make a tremendous animated series, or I can even see Jim Carey in a crisp suit as Cougar. Excellent stuff!

  12069384       12/22  Julie Ramsey  gave 4 stars to: Razel Dazzle by Elizabeth Morgan
bookshelves:         doneRazzle Dazzle
Famous for her long, golden hair and beaming smile, Razzle is the hottest model in town.   With a Queen Bitch for a Mother and Agent who very controlling mental abusive.   Razzle wants to be like everyone else  just a regular person who shops and decorates her own Christmas tree, cook her own meals.  At a Christmas Costume Party her Prince Charming arrives.Razzle and Matthew meet at a photo shoot and sparks are everywhere.  Razzle contrives to get rid of her mother at the Annual Christmas Ball. Matthew and Razzle have 1 hot night.   What follows is Razzle finally realizing that she can be her own person and make her own decisions. Matthew is right there waiting for her in his Prince Charming Carriage – A Taxi Cab!!!!  A fun short read.

4 Stars Patches

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