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What Project to Tackle Next

Under the Darkened Moon is not yet done, but it is getting close. A few more chapters need polishing. Then it will be off to whatever is next on the list once the novel is sent off to fend for itself in the slush piles of literary agents and publishers. And boy, is that list of potential projects long. I have so many that it is going to be hard to choose.

There are a lot of short stories I am working on. I have considered finishing up enough of those to wrap them up into an small book of maybe 100 pages or so and get something published and available for sale. Right now I am preparing to get two stories (Frist and Second Lessons & The Yoke) critiqued by my writers group. Second Chances is available to do something with too. So that could be the start for this idea.

In the way of novels, three stories are near and dear to my heart: Her Lovely Blood (Book 1 of the Her Blood Trilogy), Cry of the Golden Wyvern (Book 1: Air and Shadow), and Awakening (Book 1 of the Unmaker’s Saga). Here’s the thing about those stories though, they are each the start of a saga. I really cringe at the thought of starting in on such a project without truly being convinced that my writing style works for readers in the real world. I would hate to write the first book of those stories, only to have it flop, and then basically not be able to complete them because I ruined the first book.

So that brings me to my third option, which is to pick another single novel story to write. Candidates for this would Outsider, which I am currently still drafting an outline for, Dragon’s Tale (a re-envisioning of an old story I started decades ago), The Half-Orc Princess (which, although technically part of a series, is a standalone story), and The Stone-Flesh Curse. The downside to this approach is that I have to start over from square one with each of these projects and go back to world building Stage 1 for each with nothing to build on. That’s a lot of work.

So, right now I am contemplating which path to take. Haven’t decided which. There are pros and cons to all of them. Just need to weigh them all and see where I wind up after doing so.

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