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Here’s A Tip: Don’t Throw Anything Away

I have a habit of not wanting to throw things away. Usually every year I have to force myself to get rid of things that are laying around the house and collecting dust.

I have been jotting down a lot of ideas these past few months and doing a lot of free writing. Thankfully, unlike the things around the house that get collected, most of the writing related material is either in a binder or stored digitally. Though mostly digitally. Yes, my digital files are double backed up too so I don’t worry a computer crash and losing them.

But already, keeping things around that I decided were not good earlier is paying dividends. What I saw as a bad concept because the current project I was working on and said idea were a bad fit? Well, those ideas every now and again are bearing fruit on other projects.

Usually they are not used as is. But once tweaked the number of “bad ideas” from another project that have turned to “good ideas” for another are numerous.

It is not like the old days where if you saved everything you wrote it would mean sifting through stacks and stacks of paper. And if you work mostly digitally like I do, then there really is no reason to trash anything you put on paper.

Besides, you never know when those ideas may come in handy.

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