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Where’s All The Time Going?

It’s a sad reality, but the amount of time available for writing is inversely proportional to the amount of time actually needed for writing. This is especially true with the Christmas Season now upon us.

I had four days off for Thanksgiving and spent all four running around with family (3 days) and then doing all the errands that running around forced me to reschedule (1 day).  In the end, I managed to do about as much editing in those four days as one typical day.

And the next month looks no less hectic.  So my November deadline for finishing up the edits of Under the Darkened Moon is being pushed back.  I am now targeting the end of the year.  That gives me a little over a month to do my Text to Speech listen edits on the 10 remaining chapters and a final brush through for some commonly over used words.

Then, hopefully, everything will be ready to go out come the new year.  Here’s hoping no more delays crop up.

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