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The Editing … It Continues

Yes, editing on Under the Darkened Moon is continuing.  Although it is going slowly.  Seems that I have been out of my routine lately.  Usually I spend an hour in the evening running a chapter or so through the Text to Speech software to see how they sound.  But lately that simply has not been happening.  I have been prepping chapters, but they are not getting their final manuscript treatment at the speed with which they are prepared.

Plus I am doing a final comb through of the manuscript in several sweeps looking for unnecessary instances of the following words:

  • however
  • look
  • that
  • had

Several have been found, leading to further cleanup.  I am hoping that with the long weekend coming up that I can get some of the editing caught up.  But, well, as we all know Thursday will pretty much be a wash out day.  And, because we had to do it on Black Friday for some reason, we are taking all the grand kids to get their picture taken together for the grandparents.  So who really knows how much time I will have.

Here’s hoping I can get into the home stretch with the end of November bearing down on me.

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