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Daughters of Fate Book 3 Progress Report

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Greetings! This Monday, Chapter 3 of Daughters of Fate Book 3 will be published on my Wattpad account.

I currently have a couple chapter backlog and will be continuing the every Monday release of new chapters as long as possible. However, I have decided to completely tear down and rebuilt Chapter 6. I’ve just come up with a better way to portray the story at this point.

Please feel free to check out the current progress. It’s FREE!

Real Rules For Real Writers

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Ok, I admit it … I’m horrible at keeping this site up to date! If only I spent as much time creating content here as I do for other people!

So, to start off 2020 I want to talk about “rules” for writers. Seems like a lot of self-important people have them. Filled will all sorts of obscene absolutes that really don’t make much sense except to come off as pompus. So, without further ado, I thought I’d give you my less stodgy list of writing “rules”.


  • If you think what you’ve written is great, it’s probably rubbish.  But if you think what you’ve written is rubbish, then it is possibly passable.
  • If you haven’t edited your story half a dozen times (or more), it probably isn’t done yet.

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Editing And Posting Daughters of Fate Book 2

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I’ve been lax posting here since finishing up Daughters of Fate Book 1. And while it is currently approaching 4k reads on Wattpad, I have been working hard on Book 2.

I’m now on Chapter 10 (posting today) and I have been using ProWritingAid to assist with the construction of the story and the narrative.

While I like the software, it is very glitchy, and times and also gives very bizarre suggestions that I think aren’t the best for creative writing. You just have to learn what to ignore and what to listen to.

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Protected: The Rainbow Writers Award Stickers

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Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood [Vol 1]

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So, I have been literally so darn busy lately that it completely slipped my mind to mention that I have another project being posted to Wattpad! While I am busy editing and reorganizing Daughters of Fate [Book 2], I have been posting the first episode of Tales of the Inglorious Brotherhood [Volume 1].

This is an entirely NEW original story by yours truly, set in a completely different world than Geiha (Daughters of Fate). It also is written to have a more upbeat, fun, but also darker feel to it. As always I enjoy hearing what people think about my projects and would love to get comments over on Wattpad!

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Protected: Doughnut Awards Stickers

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Preparing for the Wattpad Wattys!

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Hello, all! And thanks to all of you that have read the draft of my first novel, Daughters of Fate [Book 1]!

I’ve made some changes to things and will be taking down the drafts here and updating the copy on Wattpad as my FINAL draft over the next few weeks. I am doing this in preparation for the 2019 Wattys, a yearly awards event that I will be entering Daughters of Fate [Book 1] into.

Yes, the odds of being picked are indeed slim. But I want to enter, so I will be doing these updates and removing the drafts from this site. Don’t worry, I’ll provide links in each chapter posting to direct you to the corresponding chapter on Wattpad. Read more…

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Daughters of Fate (Chapter 30)

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Dark clouds.  Smoke on the water.  And the sea will burn. 

Lar Colari – Vision 10-146   

Chapter 30 (17th of Alshu in the year 6199) 

“Ah,” King Turon beamed at Reane as she entered his private study, “there you are.”   

“Yes,” Reane grumbled, stopping to stand before him, annoyance hanging in the air around her.  “See,” her foot tapped as she looked away and then back to him, “funny thing. I’m trying to find out why, rather suddenly, it’s so hard for me to find the supplies I need to finish the repairs on the Oracle.”    Read more…

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 29)

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For even the frozen heart of the wicked may melt if granted the power of love.   

Psalm of Peace

Chapter 29 (18th of Earonitan in the year 6199) 

“I appreciate,” Deran croaked out, “you putting in a good word for me with Lord Hedric.  But,” he hesitated even as he and Cassandra moved at a hurried pace down the corridors in the bowels of the palace.   

“You’ll do fine,” Cassandra encouraged him with a smile.   

“But Commodore of an attack fleet?”  He pulled at the collar of his shirt.  “I mean, I know about all the tactics and theories, but -”   

“It’s not that hard,” the Sub-general admonished him in the lightest tone she could manage.  “Trust me. You think I’m the sharpest sword in the rack?”    Read more…