Feb 14 2019

Daughters of Fate – A Novel

Posted by Mathias

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Chapter 7 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 10 … to be continued

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2019_02_22: Chapter 5 is now live on MathiasCavanaugh.com and coming later today to Wattpad. Chapter 6 is back from editing and getting a minor redo.

2019_02_20: Chapter 4 is live! Made some serious changes and hoping I didn’t screw things up! LOL Chapter 5 is back from editing and being reviewed.

2019_02_17: Chapter 3 is now available and Chapters 4 and 5 are off to editing.

2019_02_15: Chapter 2 is back from editing. Target pub date moved up to 2/15 to 2/17. Chapter 3 also back from editing. Undergoing final review.

2019_02_13: Chapter 2 slated for release on February 21st, 2019. I plan on releasing the first few chapters on an accelerated schedule. Then backing off to every two to four weeks.

Feb 22 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 5)

Posted by Mathias

And Sarina tore asunder a dove, handing to each of her sisters a half.  The half that Sashna held did grow into a healthy bird.  The half that laid in Octeava’s hands did wither and die.  And Sarina spoke to her sisters, “Now see and understand your roles in the cosmos.” 

-Book of Fates 1:5 

Chapter 5 (33rd of Elgatan 6198) 

Stiff and frigid, the wind ran through hollow streets and alleyways.  Signs hanging on storefronts creaked and strained. They banged against the fronts of shops closed more often than open these days.  A fresh blanket of thick snow covered the rooftops and cobblestones. 

The low winter’s sun cast almost everything in bone-chilling shadows.  

Sounds of a horse’s quick pace echoed through the streets, seeking someone’s ears – anyone’s ears.  Unfortunately, there were few that dared venture out in this hostile cold.  Most remained indoors huddled around small fires.  Even the wealthier, usually able to afford any luxury, found this winter harsher than most.  

The supply wagons from the north had stopped coming weeks ago.  Food was low.  Morale was not much better.  

Most suspected the weather was to blame.  But there were more nefarious rumors.  Bands of thieves, possibly even rebels, had been hijacking the convoys.  Even more prevalent was the fear that Lord Hedric himself had ordered a halt to the supplies to the south.  Punishment for the actions of two governors who had aided and abetted the rebellion against his rule.  (more…)

Feb 20 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 4)

Posted by Mathias

And from beyond the Sea of Storms, from the sheltered land, shall come the Child of the Storm. And with this child, the power to return the Tear of Earoni unto the world and defeat the darkness.
-Book of Earoni 1234:90

Chapter 4 (18th of Alshu 6192)

“It has come to my attention,” Lord Hedric growled, “that you’ve ignored my orders. Noranda, Is this true?”

In the late hour, the great council room was dark. Save for the silver light of the great moon Earoni as it hung high in the night sky. The moonlight fell in elongated streaks across the floor.

A woman in red robes was half in and half out of one of these as she stood before him.

Hedric shifted impatiently. From his twisted, metal throne, he glowered at her from the shadows. Blonde hair draped around his pale face. Equally pale fingers held fast to the warped armrests.

The dark-haired woman was not intimidated. Some would say that she was just as foul and unnatural as he was. Others would say more so. (more…)

Feb 18 2019

Alita: Battle Angel (Review)

Posted by Mathias

This review contains no spoilers…

By: Mathias Cavanaugh

There are stories that just beg to be made into cinematic experiences. Alita: Battle Angel is one of them. And it really could not be done correctly and with all due reverence to the source material before now.

It really did take every special effects trick and talent in existence today to make this move what it had to be. And what it had to be was great. (more…)

Feb 18 2019

Chapter 4 Is Back From Editing

Posted by Mathias

Chapter 4 of Daughters of Fate back from the editor with comments. Minor stuff. Two paragraphs I want to work on before release.

Have a little taste:

“The dark-haired woman was not intimidated. Some would say that she was just as foul and unnatural as he was. Some would say more so.”

#writting#fantasy#novel#editing Daughters of Fate on #wattpadhttps://w.tt/2DATzgN  on http://MathiasCavanaugh.com https://bit.ly/2U268Ze @MathiasCav

Feb 17 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 3)

Posted by Mathias

When one becomes two. When one goes away. When one is scared. When one is angry. The souls can never be at peace. And the world will suffer.
-Prophecy 3411 by Aricese

Chapter 3 (30th of Rumatan 6190)


The hushed call of her name startled her. Dazed, the elder daughter of Stormband turned over. The straw of her mat cut into her sides. She blinked and watched as Cassandra stood over her.

“Aw, Cass,” Sheala moaned. “What is it? Go back to sleep.”

Sheala rolled back over and pulled the tattered blanket over her shoulders. The air was cold. Rain pounded outside, driving a chill into her.

Cassandra shook her. “C’mon, we’re getting out of here.”

Sheala pulled away from her hand. “What are you talking about?” She rubbed her eyes wearily. “We don’t have anywhere to go. Besides,” she yawned, “it’s not so bad.”

“Not so bad!” Cassandra quickly lowered her voice. “Sheala, you’ve been caught picking pockets three times in as many days. How much longer do you think Ebeth is going to be able to keep you from real trouble? Sooner or later, someone’s not going to give in to him. Then this scam the two of you have is really going to get messy.” (more…)

Feb 15 2019

Daughters of Fate (Chapter 2)

Posted by Mathias

Earoni blesses only a few with the gift of the birth of twins. The event is sacred among all of Earoni’s  people. It is rare as the falling star and the blessing is infinitely more precious. 

-Book of the Gods 9:6 

Chapter 2  (2nd of Alshu 6184) 

Beneath the canopy of spring leaves a coach traveled along the uneven road. It rumbled and bounced in haste, protected on all sides by a company of knights on horseback.  The formation was so tight that at the speed they traveled a misstep or slip by any of the mounts would have been disastrous. 

There were no markings on the stage.  The once colorful placards adorning the sides had been removed. All that remained of them were the metal hangers and darker, unfaded wood beneath that had not seen much of the sun or elements. The voids left a silent testament to the importance of not announcing where one had come from. 

Feb 15 2019

Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 Update

Posted by Mathias


Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 back from editing. One sentence I am not happy with. As soon as I fix it to my satisfaction, it will be published. Read Chapter 1 on #wattpad @ https://w.tt/2TOmWmD or on http://www.MathiasCavanaugh.com @ https://bit.ly/2DF9SJk

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Feb 14 2019

Getting The Chapters of Daughters of Fate Readable

Posted by Mathias

So, one of the things I am doing before publishing chapters of Daughters of Fate is that I have them edited. I have a couple proofreaders that, in exchange for seeing the chapters first, are going through them and pointing out anything that they see as issues.

But before that, I also put the chapters through two different apps to try and get the major language issues sorted out. The first is the Hemmingway Editor. This is pretty good at finding my clunky sentences, spelling, etc.

The second is Grammarly. I use the free version and it also catches some things Hemmingway doesn’t. (more…)

Feb 14 2019

Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 Update

Posted by Mathias

Daughters of Fate Chapter 2 is looking like it will be out of editing tomorrow. Target pub date is next Thursday. Read Chapter 1 on #wattpad @ https://w.tt/2TOmWmD or on www.MathiasCavanaugh.com @ https://bit.ly/2DF9SJk